The evolution starts with our heavy machinery. We are innovation.

We believe that the only way to overcome ourselves is through great challenges, for this reason; about ten years ago we set out to develop the best machinery for the production of cellular concrete.

0hp More Power
+0yd³ Production capacity per day
+0ft. Direct pumping distance
+0ft. Direct pumping in height

UMMA: Maximum power at your fingertips

Do you need to cover +130yd³/h? UMMA and UMMA-PRO are the right choice to meet your needs. Know which version is convenient for your construction site.

Multiple alternatives, that is evolution.

Innovation is in our blood, allowing us to develop alternatives for each of our specific clients. Know which models are ideal for your work.


The right choice to convert concrete from your mixer truck into cellular concrete on-site.


If the mixing is done on site, the ViTTO and ViTTO-PRO versions are recommended to obtain the greatest savings and agility possible.


GiULIETTA and GiULIETTA-PRO allow us to go much further than before, maintaining the quality of the pump with optimum pressure.


It all starts with our TOKiO models. Four versions of a machine that adapts to the most basic construction needs in Cellular Concrete.


We have a solution for each one of your needs

Floor decking
and light fill

Our full service includes, measurements, levels, development and implementation for Cellular Concrete mortar and surface finish, suitable for installation.

Machinery and
equipment rental

Equipment for the preparation and pumping of Cellular Concrete to your need. The rent includes additives and an operator for each equipment.


We understand that challenges improve us as individuals, for this reason. Whatever your need, we have a solution to provide.


Why Cellular Concrete? Arden Lombardo is technology applied to your working site.


Cellular Concrete is composed of Portland cement, sand, water and EVO-FOAM. With optimal mixing, the mortar is homogeneous and its application by pumping hoses, makes for cleaning and agility; Less use of materials, less weight and more speed in the execution makes for the quality of our service.

Higher quality

With densities of 320 to more than 1600 kg/m³, Cellular Concrete meets the needs of compressive strength at more than 70 kg/cm², adding to its work the thermal and acoustic properties provided by EVO-FOAM. Weight reduction results in higher quality and simplification of the structure.

Work site progress

The composition of Cellular Concrete makes it fluid, pumpable and self-leveling, allowing for productive workdays of around 360 Yds² or 65 Yds³ (as needed by the client). It is pumped by 2″ hoses and does not need the use of elevators, extra machinery or other external complications.

Lower cost

The quality of Cellular Concrete brings notable savings to your projects during workdays. Lower amount of materials, a marked saving of personnel and wages, and less use of machinery, makes Cellular Concrete a product to your need, with the best results and significant lower costs.


Floor Decking

Light mortar, with material savings and thermoacoustic qualities.

Fire retardant


Monolithic mortar, self-leveling, clean, fast and economical.


Light Fill

In varying densities according to the need of each project.


At Arden Lombardo we are constantly searching for professionals to join our projects, we believe that innovation and technology are only provided by our team of experts.