The Cellular Concrete Evolution reaches roofing applications

Some of the benefits of working with Cellular Concrete on roofing applications are related to its superior wind uplift, drainage, sustainability and, of course, it’s cost. At ARDEN LOMBARDO we use only the best materials to carry on any project. MEARLCRETE is a traditional protein foaming agent developed by AERIX INDUSTRIES, the world’s leader manufacturer of foaming concentrates.

Roof Deck Specs
Image courtesy of AERIX INDUSTRIES™

MEARLCRETE can be applied over non-vented substrates including existing roof membranes, galvanized vented or non-vented steel deck, precast concrete, or cast-in-place structural concrete. MEARLCRETE Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) placed over a metal deck can be used to enhance the shear diaphragm providing additional resistance to shear forces resulting from wind or seismic activity.

MEARLCRETE insulating roof decks are superior to rigid board insulation systems. MEARLCRETE LWIC is not subject to thermal drift or thermal bridging. The insulating values and history of performance of a MEARLCRETE LWIC system provides unmatched life-cycle cost and performance.

MEARLCRETE has excellent workability. It can be pumped over 500ft. vertically and over 1,000ft. horizontally. MEARLCRETE is installed by factory trained contractors who have the specialized equipment and experienced personnel to install high quality MEARLCRETE decks. Single source roof warranties are available when installed by an authorized MEARLCRETE applicator.

Foaming Agents

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More CCE Applications

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