The birth of ARDEN LOMBARDO is based on
the development of the ViTTO family machines.

The ViTTO model comes in three different versions; ViTTO, ViTTO LIGHT and ViTTO PRO, each version has the alternative to convert into autonomous with the addition of an electric, oil or diesel generator dependent of the need. The ViTTO machinery was develop for on-site jobs, executing three stages between the generation and application of Cellular Concrete.

  1. A double helical mixer and a 1 mt3 hopper are capable of generating the cement, sand and water mixes in very short processes. The material can be incorporated manually, or through a conveyor feeder for better use and performance.
  2. EVO-FOAM for Cellular Concrete. It contains a high-performance, continuous-use Cellular Concrete foam manufacturing system, made of stainless steel for better performance and longer service life. It has a 1hp peripheral pump, and a 7 KW compressed air generator. A dispenser perfects our system, delivering an stable and better performance preformed foam. Finally, an automatic timing system regulates the amount of preformed foam added to the mix to perfectly regulate the required density.
  3. Pumping. Once the material is ready, a system using a helical pump will be in charge of pumping according to the necessary distances and heights. Depending on the version, with a 10 to 15 hp motor, torque and speed regulation systems, we can achieve distances of up to 100 linear meters and 60 vertical meters. The latest generation helical pump, with optimal use, can last more than a year without modifications.

Arden Lombardo’s ViTTO versions are ALL IN ONE machines, self-supporting, easy to transport and low weight.

ViTTO Light



Mixer capacity 1 m³ 1 m³ 1 m³
Pumping flow 10 m³/hs 12 m³/hs 15 m³/hs
Foam generator capacity 500 L/M 500 L/M 500 L/M
Horizontal distance pumping 80m 120m 200m
Vertical distance pumping 40m 50m 75m
Foam generating system Manual Automatic Automatic
Pump motor 12,5 HP 12,5 HP 15 HP
Inverter NO YES YES
Feeding 380 V. 380 V. 380 V.
Work pressure 10 Bar 12 Bar 15 Bar
Dimensions 3250x1700x1600 3250x1700x1600 3250x1700x1600
Weight 960 Kg. 970 Kg. 1050 Kg.
Autonomous Optional Optional Optional
Price u$s __________ u$s __________ u$s __________




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